Getting The Right Marketing Approach Across In A Martial Arts School's Sign

A good sign placed outside or in a window of a martial arts school can effectively capture the attention of would-be students. Clarity is an important trait as too many images make a sign difficult to decipher. Since different students have varied reasons for training, the sign must maintain this necessary clarity while getting several promotional points across to a wide customer base.

Catch the Varied Customer Niche with a Slogan and a Logo

Self-defense, improved self-confidence, weight loss, tournament competition, and strength and conditioning are among the different things customers seek from a martial arts school. Spelling out all these different things in plain English on a sign is understandable, but the sign should not rely on text alone. Instead, present a combination of a solid slogan and logo to capture the attention of people passing by. Once their attention is captured, they might read the lengthier text on the sign's margins.

A Good Catch Phrase

A good catch phrase or slogan employs simple priming. Priming is the art of getting people to think about a product or service and then quickly react to it. A simple, short slogan such "Go with Martial Fitness" is pretty basic, but it gets across two points. The school teaches martial arts and provides a forum for improved fitness. Centering the slogan properly at the top of the sign right above a logo with the text on the right and left side help draw in people's eyes. Of course, the logo has to be subtly informative to enhance effectiveness.

The Cool Logo

The logo has to mean more than one thing. The image of someone in martial arts gear gets the self-defense/combative side of the school's focus across, but does not automatically translate into fitness. Making sure the character in the logo is in shape helps get the fitness component across. Still, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

If the logo character is huge, people might correlate the school with a bodybuilding gym, which it is not. A logo character with a lean, defined physique like an action-movie star or mixed martial arts athlete does help get across the weight loss and fitness component visually.

Have a Professional Sign Designed

The sign, of course, should be professional designed. The designers at the sign company will help ensure the finished product delivers the right approach to marketing psychology and priming. Contact a local sign company, like Sun Signs & Service, for more help.